Kapish Haldia

Kapish Haldia

Investor and Operator

Kapish Haldia is Los Angeles-based investor and operator with more than a decade of experience in corporate mergers and turnarounds.

He was born and raised in southern California. His parents ran a family jewelry manufacturing and distribution business. 

From a young age, Kapish helped out around the store and warehouse, and he credits his parents with teaching him the basics of entrepreneurship and the value of a dollar. By the time he left L.A. for college, he knew how to procure hard-to-find gemstones abroad, keep new and repeat customers happy, and manage cash flow in what was at the time a rapidly growing enterprise. He credits his father with teaching him the importance of enduring business relationships and frank communication with customers and vendors, and his mother with imparting the value of quality products and a family-first approach to business. 

After high school, Kapish left L.A. for New York. He attended New York University’s Stern School of Business, where he was deeply involved in campus life. By his senior year, he was president of the Inter-Club Council, with responsibility for every student organization’s operations and budget. He also served as portfolio manager for the Stern Investment Analysis Group, a real-money investment fund that he helped establish. Eventually, he managed a team of a dozen student investors, several of whom went on to successful careers as traders and investment bankers.

At Stern, he interned with the CFO of DoSomething.org, one of the fastest-growing nonprofits at the time. He also worked for Blackrock and Citigroup, where he landed his first post-graduation job. In that role with Citi’s Global Industrial Group, Kapish worked on a number of high-profile mergers and acquisitions, debt financings, and IPOs. Notable clients included Crown Packaging, General Electric, Ball Corp, and Lockheed Martin. His mentors included famed bankers at Citi.

Kapish left Citigroup in 2016 to join Highview Capital, a middle-market private equity fund based in Los Angeles. As a member of the founding team, he helped develop systems and templates for virtually every facet of its operations and worked on nearly 50 acquisitions with valuations ranging from $50 to $500 million. He helped manage the fund’s six core platform companies, served as a Board Director for about half of Highview’s portfolio companies, and worked on several notable transactions: American Plastics, National Fire & Safety, Randall Foods/WilMar Foods, and Watterson, among others.

Kapish left Highview in 2022 and went to work building an investment platform focused on small to midsize family firms operating in fragmented industries like residential and commercial HVAC. He works to craft value-maximizing solutions for each client, whether that’s an acquisition by or strategic partnership with a larger competitor or an organic growth strategy that empowers internal talent with professionalized systems and procedures. 

Kapish Haldia spends considerable time working out of the Neuehouse creative hub in Venice, California. He’s also working on a passion project: a new venue in Venice that merges his passion for food, music, and community.

Kapish Haldia